Sussex Hen

Sussex Hen – Alert but Peaceful

Sussex Hen illustrated by Ravenari


Alert but peaceful, not always assuming there is danger when others may, being extremely adaptable, being quite capable of ‘going with the flow,’ being able to handle situations that many others could not, popularity, docility, alert without anxiety, having an easy disposition, appealing to others because of personality, being domesticated, living in ‘tamed’ environments, being suited to urbanisation and urban environments, working well in concert with others, making peace with your current situation.

General Description:

The sussex chicken originated in England in AD 43, and is now a popular backyard chicken throughout the world. They come in eight colours (with more being developed) and also come in bantam/miniature. They are dual purpose, being suited for meat and the laying of eggs. They are one of the oldest known breeds of domestic hen. They are also a popular breed in shows / exhibitions. Chicks mature quickly. They forage well, and can go broody. They are alert but docile, especially when compared with other chickens and very adaptable; doing well as free range or confined chickens. They are graceful. They are considered hardy birds, excellent for beginners at chicken husbandry. They are often comfortable around humans.