Tawny Eagle

Tawny Eagle – Take What You Can Get

Tawny Eagle illustrated by Ravenari

‘Oh-ho-ho, I suppose you think I’m like all the other eagles, and I dearly like for people to underestimate me. After all, I’m the only eagle brave enough to steal from humans! The only eagle bold enough to take what I believe is mine. I will grip life and death in my talons and make meals of both, and if you want me as an ally, I hope you have a canny mind, because I love a challenge. The warm, dry, desert places lend me wisdom, and if you respect me, I can show you the magic of the sun, the winds, and what it is to see clearly, across all things.’


Sky pirate. Day flying. Scavenging. Embracing warmth and heat. Take what you can get. Flight in all worlds. The bigger picture. Insight. Keen observation. Knowing when to speak. Carrion connection. Life and death cycles. Understanding death. Savannah, desert and steppe wisdom. Mistaken identity. Solar energy. Solar deities.