Dragonfly – Voracity

Dragonfly illustrated by Ravenari


A voraciousness for life, voracity, ferocity and strength, an unwillingness to compromise on personal values, forcing yourself to find nourishment despite downward movements of energy, victory, reflecting people’s truths back to them, mastery of illusion and truth, wind and water wisdom, learning how to master your own thought processes, light and the colour spectrum, connection to dragon energy, balancing good and bad qualities, embracing malevolence and benevolence, refusing to conform to labels.

General Description:

The dragonfly is an insect carnivore found throughout the world, known for two pairs of transparent wings held away from the body when at rest, and often beautifully pigmented, multi-faceted eyes. They are excellent predators, both voracious in their larval stage, and skilled hunters as adults, taking mosquitoes among many other insects – usually around bodies of water.

Dragonflies lay their eggs in water, and the nymph larval form is the longest living stage of the dragonfly’s life (sometimes living for about five years). Adult dragonflies are able to fly in all directions, which is enabled by them able to beat their pair of wings at different times and in different angles to one another. Dragonflies have been around for approximately 300 million years