Emerald Moth

Emerald Moth – Measuring Each Step

Emerald Moth illustrated by Ravenari


Inching fowards, taking your time, measuring each step, fading beauty or youth, looking towards the light, being attracted to light and healing, purity, night magic, dark magic, transformation and constant evolution.

General Description:

The emerald moth is actually a colloquial name for over 2000 species of geometer moth, which are distinctive for their varied bluish-green patterning. The brighter green colouring, like that found on the Large Emerald (Geometra papilionaria) are only vivid after hatching and fade after a few days. Emerald moths are found mostly in the Northern hemisphere. Their caterpillars are also known as ‘inchworms’ since they are the type which move first their front legs, and then their hind, arching the middle of their body, before inching forwards again with the same motion.