African Elephant

African Elephant – Ancient Wisdom and Ancient Power

Illustration of an African Grey elephant by Ravenari facing the right in profile with trunk raised, it is against a silver and violet background.


Ancient wisdom and ancient power, connection to one’s ancestors, having a great energetic presence, discernment, having power and the ability to be reserved with that power, big energy, strength and determination, being sought after and used for what you possess, beware of people who will treat you and your power poorly, to their own ends.

General Description:

The African elephant (consisting of two surviving subspecies) is found in various pockets throughout Africa, and are the largest living land-animal. Both male and female elephants have tusks, and have molars that are constantly falling out / regrowing, to enable them to deal with their very fibrous diet of bark, roots, grass and foliage.

Their distinctive mobile trunk is used for breathing, communicating, touching, grabbing and holding, drinking and smelling. African elephants will frequently play with and spray themselves with water, after this, they will spray themselves with dust to protect themselves from parasites. Females herd together, but males roam on their own.