Black Wallaroo

Black Wallaroo – Dawn and Dusk

Black Wallaroo illustrated by Ravenari

‘I’ll be honest, not many people know I exist, and I tend to hide from those that do. I don’t need to make connections over and over again. I like quiet liminal spaces – dawn and dusk, and the caves that I will make use of and hide in. Are you looking for concrete answers? You might not find them with me. I teach acceptance of one’s place in life, and I can help you understand that it’s all right to not have all the answers, to not connect with everyone, to not need to know everything. I’ve never needed much space to be perfectly content, and if you want me as an ally, I will show you the wisdom that may reveal itself when you are quiet, when you allow uncertainty.’


Mountain wisdom. It’s okay to be shy. Looking closely. Examinations. Escape plans. Introversion. Wisdom in shyness. Hidden wisdoms. Vibrating to black and grey. Connection to caves. Grounding and anchoring. Wariness. Not needing much room. Sandstone wisdom. Not everything needs to be known. Allow uncertainty. Dawn and dusk wisdom.