Capybara – Mastering Your Environment

illustration of capybara by Ravenari


Trust in the nourishing and protective aspects of water and water magic, wetland wisdom and power, being able to hide despite high exposure to others, keeping parts of the self reserved, mastering your environment, clashes with snake energy, making your environment work for you, offering up gentleness instead of fear.

General Description:

The capybara is famous for being the world’s largest rodent. They are adapted for survival in wetlands and upon grass-plains, have webbed feet, can survive under water for five minutes, and a sophisticated digestive system designed to yield the most nutrients possible from a minimal number of grass species.

Capybara are even able to sleep underwater, provided they are still able to get their nostrils (set high upon the head) above the waterline. Capybara are social, and found in groups that are dominated by a male, which has a scent gland for marking out territory on the bridge of its nose. Adult capybara are prone to sunburn, and will roll in the mud to prevent this.