Chipmunk – Saving Something for Later

illustration of chipmunk by Ravenari


Entertainment and play, saving something for later, delayed gratification, protecting what you find valuable, dipping into wisdom at your leisure, maintaining your energy, keeping your home clean, valuing cleanliness and hygiene, giving life, cartoons and media, sustainability.

General Description:

Chipmunks are found in North America and Asia, they are rodents that store food for the Winter in larders and caches, and have squirrel-like habits and tendencies. Young are protected in complex burrows in the first six weeks of their lives, before coming out and gaining independence.

Being omnivorous, they eat a variety of foods; they are most known for eating nuts and acorns, but will also take nestlings and eggs, for example. They are energetic, fast-moving animals, and will make a birdlike chirp when threatened and during courtship. Chipmunks are known to be important members of ecosystems in their roles for seed and spore dispersal. They have been popularised in many cartoons because of their perceived cuteness and cheekiness.