Cow (Amrith Mahal)

Amrith Mahal (Cow) – Sacredness is Everywhere

Illustration of the Amrith Mahal Cow by Ravenari


Royalty. Uncommon royalty. How are you treating those less fortunate than you? Compassion. Sensitivity. Rumination. Thinking it over. The need for great endurance. The marathon runner. Putting your head down and getting the work done. The sun will take care of you. Sacredness is everywhere.


The Amrit Mahal is a zebu, a breed of a subspecies of domesticated cattle that are known for their distinctive fatty hump and a large dewlap under their necks. They are well-suited to living in dry, desert conditions with high temperatures, and cows would not always come into season in very wet and fertile lands.

The Amrit Mahal originates from India, in the Mysore state of Karnataka. They are derived from Hallikar cattle, and were originally used for war and transport, due to their endurance and speed. They gained royal protection hundreds of years ago,

Cows in this breed are not known for producing large quantities of milk, and are largely utilised these days in draughting. They are also popular in bull races in India.