Coyote – Controversial Roads

An illustrated and symbolic interpretation of a right-facing Coyote, with flames behind it, and a yellow background.

Keywords: Adaptation. Learning to live in any environment. Feeling misunderstood. Being blamed and shamed. Innate magic, innate mischief. Survival. Making use of your resources. Watch out for unfair attacks against your character. Complicated relationships. Communication. Sacred connections. Look deeper into folklore and living stories. Walking controversial roads.

Description: The coyote (Canis latrans) is a large-ish canine native to North America. They can live in many habitats and are constantly expanding their range. The coyote is mainly carnivorous and eats deer, rodents, hares and rabbits, birds, reptiles, invertebrates, and amphibians. It will eat fruit and vegetables. It is an opportunistic feeder. Coyotes often form social units usually around a single family, but temporary non-family packs also form to bring down large prey, and some live solitary lives. Coyotes are strictly monogamous, even in areas with high coyote populations. They are not inclined to defend their territory outside of denning season. They give off a distinctive howl and are one of the most vocal and communicative of North American mammals.

The coyote population is considered secure, due to its adaptability, despite being hunted by cougars, gray wolves, and humans. They carry the largest number of diseases and parasites of many North American carnivores due to its range and diet. Coyotes and badgers sometimes form mutualistic, amicable hunting relationships. Coyotes will sometimes mate with wolves, creating ‘coywolf’ hybrids. The coyote is significant in many Native American and First Nations folklore, sometimes seen as a prominent trickster, a companion to the Creator, a bringer of death, or a thief. In general, the public image of the coyote is negative. Coyote attacks against humans are becoming more and more frequent, they take livestock, and kill domestic dogs, cats, and other pets.