Eastern Mountain Bongo

Eastern Bongo – Legends and Lightning

illustration of an Eastern Mountain Bongo by Ravenari


Elusiveness, shapeshifting and transformation, magic and magical powers, using literal and physical weapons for defensive rather than offensive reasons, a connection to lightning and lightning myths and stories, legends and lightning, the power of storms, others may be telling stories about you.

General Description:

The eastern bongo (also known as the mountain bongo) is an Endangered species of antelope found in a remote region in Kenya, and is more vibrantly coloured than its western bongo counterpart. They are large, forest/jungle antelopes in which both sexes have large horns with a spiralling pattern (larger in the males). They tend to live in regions where elephant or clearing activity provides occasional clear land for grazing. Bongo are mostly solitary in their habits, though females will sometimes form small groups.

Males that are trying to win the attention of a female will adopt ritualised displays, preferring not to fight. They are primarily nocturnal herbivores, eating all manners of plant matter,even unearthing tubers and roots with their horns. They get salt and minerals in their diet by finding natural salt licks, or consuming the burnt wood of trees hit by lightning.