Fennec Fox

Fennec Fox – I Will Hear You

illustration of Fennec Fox by Ravenari


I will hear you, no one is without a voice, play and playful energies, sibling rivalry, hearing the truth in lies, having a good ear, investigation, desert and wind wisdom, liking companionship with others, spending time with kin.

General Description:

The fennec fox is found in the Saharan Desert in North Africa, it is a small fox which has notably large ears in proportion to its’ body size, which helps it to regulate its body temperature and discharge heat. They also have thick fur under their pawpads to protect them from desert sand. They are the smallest species of dog in the world.

Fennec foxes are very playful, with even the adults engaging in play later in life. They tend to live in well-defined territories, in small family units of a monogamous pair and their offspring. They are omnivorous, eating anything that they can catch and find in their often sparse habitat. Fennec fox dens, when dug in hard sand, can be very complex, large, and with multiple entrances. They have a multitude of vocalisations, and a distinct singing voice.