Grey Kangaroo

Grey Kangaroo – Urban Warrior

grey kangaroo illustrated by Ravenari


Fertility. Simplicity. Plant Wisdom. Herb Wisdom. Urban Connection to Native Wisdom. Pasture, Meadows, Plains, Plateaus. Symbiosis and pro-biotics. Urban Warrior. Family and hierarchy. Co-operation. Warrior Energy. Tight Focus. Assessing Obstacles Instinctively. Giving Away Thought. Motherhood. The Multi-Tasking Mother.

General Description:

This file includes the Western and Eastern grey kangaroos, despite their being a different species (hybrids between the two have been known to occur). The grey kangaroo is a marsupial with a distinctive grey, tan or blue-grey coat with a paler abdomen, they have well developed hind-legs which help them locomote through hopping through the wilderness. They use their tail as a rudder. They are muscular, their body consisting of around 80% muscle mass.

Unlike the red kangaroo, they prefer fertile, coastal habitats, and do not often live very far inland. The main difference between the western and eastern grey kangaroos, is that the western grey kangaroo is not capable of embryonic diapause. They communicate through body language (such as feet-stamping when warning of danger), touch, coughing, clicking and grunting. They primarily feed off grasses, leaves and bark, it can survive on high fibre diets and needs very little water. Bacteria in the cecum helps them to digest the cellulose of plants.


Please remember that if this animal is contacting you, it will often be the best resource for teaching you what its lessons are. What I write is only intended to be a guide, it is not absolute, nor is it infallible.

– The grey kangaroo comes into your life to help you understand your connection to fertility. It does not necessarily mean the fertility that leads to giving birth to babies, but it is the fertility that leads to giving birth to new direction in your life. Grey kangaroo reminds us that we have rich resources around us, friends, partner, family, food, water, work etc. Chances are, of one or two or these sections are letting us down, we have a whole heap more to fall back on! Grey kangaroo reminds us that where one area causes us pain, others will feed and nourish us. Our life is never as truly bad as we feel it is.

– The grey kangaroo tells us that we need to maintain simplicity in our lives, particularly simplicity of thought. Over-thinking things, especially relationships, can cause far more problems than are necessary. Focusing on the simpler things in life, our diet, our connection to nature, and the joy and peace of simply staying on a plateau, will help us gain clarity into our situation. Over-thinking will not!

– Grey kangaroo teaches us plant and herb wisdom. She is an excellent guide for people who are learning herbalism, those who have a strong connection to trees, and those who wish to develop stronger connections to all flora. Grey kangaroo tells us that at this time, we should look into the right herbs, vitamins and vegetable matter for us. We might even consider introducing more green vegetables into our diet, or researching a particular herb of interest to us.

– Additionally, grey kangaroo teaches us the value of symbiosis. Particularly the value of symbiotic relationships with good bacteria. Consider implementing pro-biotics into your diet, eat more yoghurt or pro-biotic foods, and really look after your internal flora. A healthy, symbiotic internal relationship, will help create a healthy external body and mind.

– The grey kangaroo – with its ability to crop up in the most unusual urban places (roads, schools, golf courses, etc.) – provides us with a profound urban connection to native wisdom. By native, I mean the deep wisdom in the Australian land that is available to all of us. Grey kangaroo is the urban warrior, she gives us the strength to work, live and grow in the city or suburbs. Grey kangaroo reminds us that no matter where we live – this connection to the land, and its energy, is always with us. If the powerful grey kangaroo can adapt to city and pastoral life, so can we!

– Pastures, meadows, plains and plateaus feature when grey kangaroo comes into your life. You might be on a plateau in your spirituality, career or home-life, or you might be drawn to plateaus and plains in real life. Grey kangaroo tells us to stop seeing plateaus as a bad thing, sometimes we need to stop still and enjoy the vista before us of grassland, meadow or pasture. Take the time to drive through the rural parts of your country, stop at meadows and ovals, take the time to enjoy places that aren’t heavily forested, places with little undergrowth. Enjoy the direct connection to the earth and the feeling of the sun on your back.

– All kangaroos teach us about family and hierarchy. It is important to recognise that our role in family is important, and where we sit on the hierarchy is crucial. If we are battling too strongly against it, or resist ‘fitting in’, kangaroo comes along to give you a sharp smack on the head and tells you that you are a part of your family – whether they are blood or not – and that you must accept your place in the hierarchy, no matter what it is.

– All kangaroos come into our life and tell us how to assess obstacles instinctively. Instead of staring at our problems and never dealing with them, kangaroo gives us the power to notice them and then immediately clear them with a big bounding leap of thought, realisation, or literal movement. It is time for you to give away thought, it is not benefiting you at this time.

– Kangaroos have many offspring on the go at once, and are fertile almost all year round, they often lend support to the multi-tasking mother, and the parents who are ‘juggling’ life and children, give us the energy and know-how when it comes to successfully multi-tasking.

– All kangaroos bring into our lives a tight focus, and a need to make sure our energy is grounded and centred at all times. It is time to concentrate. Meditation, and exercises that require focus are recommended at this time.

As shadow guide/guide:

The shadow guide is the animal we often fear irrationally, that teaches us things about ourselves that are profound and difficult to confront. Often the traits we fear most within the shadow guide, are the traits that we dislike in ourselves. We must scrutinise why this is, and learn how to work with them.

– Those who fear or dislike grey kangaroo, are often people who are scared of slowing down because of what it might reveal about themselves or their lifestyle. Those with very busy lives, who refuse to stop and take stock, are often scared of confronting other issues that are important, and they hide behind working, talking to other people, and never stopping long enough for their thoughts to catch up with them. Grey kangaroo confronts this, and can forge very powerful relationships with the people who fear it.

Contacting Grey Kangaroo:

Like all animal helpers, this animal will only appear when right and appropriate, and cannot be forced to visit you, commune with you, or share messages with you. Grey kangaroo can be literally contacted at nature parks, zoological gardens, in the bushland or often your local golf courses if they have a mob of kangaroos there in Australia. But they can also be contacted quite easily through meditation, visualisation and just taking the time to be still.

Simple drumming, simple chants, simple postures, are all key to understanding how to effectively contact grey kangaroo. It doesn’t need to be complicated! When in doubt, remember KISS…Keep it simple, stupid!