Guinea Pig

Guinea Pig – Solitude Can Be Dangerous

Guinea Pig illustrated by Ravenari


Seeking out like-minded people, preferring the company of those like you or with very similar interests, fussing, solitude can be dangerous or threatening, personal excellence, being considered important by others, divination, food as therapy, and food cures, communicating with others, preferring not to deceive, honesty, issues with conception, birth and children, learning how to overcome obstacles to personal projects.

General Description:

The guinea pig (cavy) is a type of rodent which in some countries is popular as a pet, in others, popular as a meat source. They are closely related to the chinchilla and porcupine, and don’t come from Guinea, and have nothing to do with pigs. There is little sexual dimorphism, though males may have a slightly bigger head. Those that have formed wild populations socialise with a lead male and several females and their offspring. In captivity, they are known to thrive in groups, and can do very poorly if owned singly, they also do poorly when housed with other species. They are herbivores that primarily graze, and tend towards crepuscular habits. They are intelligent, communicative, social and affectionate animals, capable of a wide variety of vocalisations and physical expressions to convey their state of being. They are used as test subjects so often in medicine, that it is now in the vernacular to consider someone a ‘guinea pig’ if they have been experimented on.