Jaguarundi – Secret Keeping

Illustration of a Jaguarundi a wild flat headed cat looking to the right in profile against a red background

Keywords: Secret keeping. Not everyone needs to know the truth of you. You owe no answers, and are owed no answers. Craving ease. Take a break from challenge. Keep comfort within reach. Withdraw. Needing space. Introversion.


The jaguarundi (Herpailurus yagouaroundi) is a medium-sized slender grey or reddish wild cat found in the Americas in a variety of environments, though primarily tropical and deciduous forest, as well as scrubland. They are adaptive and can live in disturbed and reforested environments. They have a distinctive narrow head, small, rounded ears, and short legs, looking more weasel-like than cat-like. Jaguarundi are very good climbers but prefer to hunt on the ground. They mainly eat birds, reptiles, rodents, and mammals.

Jaguarundi are secretive and alert, generally solitary or in breeding pairs with large home ranges. They communicate through scent and vocalisation, with over 13 different types of call recorded. They prefer to live near running water. They mainly hunt during the day, and sometimes the evening. Their enemies include pythons, dogs, and cougars, as well as various parasites. They are threatened by habitat loss and hunting.