Muntjac Deer

Muntjac Deer – Bark and Bite

Muntjac Deer illustrated by Ravenari


Having a bite that is worse than your bark, fighting for what’s yours, defending your territory, alertness, the power of observation, finely tuned instincts, letting others know that they’re in trouble, comparing yourself to others, surrender to the spirit, trust in nature.

General Description:

Muntjac, also known as barking deer (usually referring to Reeve’s muntjac), is a family of deer with twelve recognised species, found in South-East Asia, and with an additional introduced population in England. They are the world’s oldest living species of deer. Muntjac tend to be shy and cautious in the wild, however, in the USA they are becoming increasingly domesticated as animal companions and are considered potentially quite friendly and adaptable. Males have antlers that they regrow, but also grow their downward facing canines into tusks, which are more commonly used for fighting. In species like the leaf muntjac, both sexes grow tusks.