North American River Otter

North American River Otter – Joy and Ebullience

North American River Otter illustrated by Ravenari


Joy and ebullience, a delicate touch, being able to gently handle others as necessary, having energy to burn, keeping yourself stimulated, activity, being able to easily share your space with others, delayed gratification, mutually respect of boundaries, honouring your inner child, the positive and nourishing aspects of play, play therapies, expressing your message eloquently, messenger from the Spirit.

General Description:

The North American river otter is a semi-aquatic mammal found in North America. They are long, lithe animals, with very dense fur, which has been popular in hunting. They are adept swimmers, and are also able to run, walk, bounce and slide as necessary; they are very active animals. They are carnivores that eat a diverse diet, getting whatever they can through ambush or chase. They are not territorial, though different social groups of otter may mutually avoid each other. Females are able to delay the birth of embryo for up to eight months, and raise their young on their own.