Pronghorn – Quick Wits

Pronghorn illustrated by Ravenari


Scent magic, scent wisdom, and using smells to connect to people and places, being fleet of foot, quick on your feet, being highly skilled in a few arenas rather than generally skilled in many arenas, quick wits, being able to see into the heart of the matter, seeing what’s going on, being an important communicator within your community.

General Description:

The Pronghorn is an American ungulate that is the only living member of its family. The males have prominent horns, and the females – for the most part – have none (if they do have them, they are small or mis-shapen). The are one of the fastest land animals in the world, and can sustain runs at high speeds for longer than the cheetah; this makes running/fleeing and relying upon their instincts one of their primary methods to evade predation and danger. They are quite common, and predated upon by humans, as well as large canines and felines. Their young are sometimes hunted by large raptors.