Raccoon Dog (Tanuki)

Raccoon Dog – Keeping Your Power Secret

Tanuki illustrated by Ravenari


A connection to alcohol and deities connected to drinking and being intoxicated, protection from fire and theft, being mistaken for something or somebody else, being able to create prosperity for yourself and others, mischievousness, cheekiness, virility, trickster energy, getting on people’s nerves, jollity, disguise, shapeshifting, keeping your power secret.’

General Description:

Raccoon dogs, also known as tanuki in Japan, are omnivores that are found in east Asia. They are considered an ancestral canid (dog), and are not closely related to raccoons. Raccoon dogs are monogamous, and despite their commonality, tend to be quite secretive and non-aggressive in nature, preferring to hide or run away when threatened. The raccoon dog has been introduced into Europe, where it is widely considered to be a pest species. Raccoon dog are the only canid to hibernate, fattening themselves up during the Autumn, on a very diverse and adaptable diet. Wherever they are found, they tend to develop their own rich and complex cosmologies, perhaps most evident in the rich mythologies attributed to raccoon dogs by many in Japan.