River Dolphin

River Dolphin – Good Luck and Bad Luck

River Dolphin illustrated by Ravenari


Shape-shifting and shape-shifting mythologies, being extremely and highly sensitive to all forms of energy and energy shifts, being blind to the obvious, but able to perceive the hidden, preferring solitude or loose communities, being used by others, good luck and bad luck

General Description:

There are four living species of dolphin (the fifth – the Chinese Baiji – is thought to be functionally extinct), which are mostly found in freshwater rivers, hence the name ‘river dolphin.’ One species of river dolphin – La Plata – is found in saltwater estuaries. The other three are the Ganges, Indus and Amazon, all river dolphins have more commonly known local names, in local dialects. All river dolphins are threatened by habitat destruction, pollution, hunting, and low reproductive rates that lead to low population numbers. They hunt alone, or in very loosely organised pods. Because many live in very muddy environments with poor visibility, some have vestigial or very poor eyesight.