Sea Otter

Sea Otter – Keeping Clean

Sea Otter illustration by Ravenari


Honouring your inner child, the positive and nourishing aspects of play, play therapies, keeping clean, adapting to situations in ways that others wouldn’t, clean fun, understanding the sea, being self-sufficient, enjoying your own company, knowing how to play on your own, necessity is the mother of invention, a strong mythological relationship with humans, expressing your message eloquently, messenger from the Spirit.

General Description:

The sea otter is an endangered marine mammal that spends a significant portion of its life in coastal waters in varying habitats usually in the Northern Hemisphere. Sea otters are diurnal, but rest during midday. They are fastidious groomers. Sea otters will often raft together in single sex groups, they will also wrap themselves in sea kelp to stop themselves from drifting away when resting.

Unlike other marine mammals, it lacks blubber, using fur instead to keep warm, the sea otter also has large kidneys which make it able to drink sea water, though it gets most of its water from its food. It has the densest fur of any in the animal kingdom and the hunting for this fur is one of the primary reasons it is now so threatened.