Siberian Weasel

Siberian Weasel – Patron of the Arts

Siberian Weasel illustrated by Ravenari


Patron of the arts and fine arts, art materials, being quick witted and possessing quick instincts and reflects, swiftness, mental acuity, getting what you want, the wandering spirit, being valued for something you produce instead of what you are, having to fight fiercely for recognition.


The Siberian weasel possesses many other names, including Kolonok. The famous Kolinsky sable brushes are actually not made from the sable, but from the tail hairs of the Siberian weasel (Mustela sibirica). They have a sumptuous creamy-peach colouring, that is quite distinct. They are found throughout East Asia (with some feral in sections of Japan), living in tundra, mountains and forested regions.

They are efficient, opportunistic predators and primarily eat rodents, birds, lizards and eggs, though they will also take plant products like pine nuts and fruits. Instead of being ambush predators, they tend to pursue their quarry speedily and with great fervour. Their primary predators are large owls and birds of prey.