Sifaka – Mental Gymnastics

Sifaka illustration by Ravenari


Forest and rainforest wisdom, being able to communicate with all tree spirits and wights, trying to stay ‘above it all,’ when drawn into conflict, an ability to fight viciously for what’s yours (and what’s not), understanding the dark and the light, one of the animal emblems of Madagascar, being able to navigate through abstract thought more quickly than others, acrobatics and athletic ways of staying fit and stimulated, mental gymnastics.

General Description:

Sifaka’s are a series of species of lemur found only on the island of Madagascar. Sifakas are arboreal, living in the treetops, and adeptly getting around in the canopy; on the ground they are fast, but can only move with a sideways hopping motion, holding their forepaws in front of them. They eat fruits, flowers, bark and leaves.

Sifakas are territorial, though they can co-exist peacefully with other lemurs. However, with other species, they will be quite aggressive. If an invasion is successful, deaths of offspring and males often occur. Sifakas are diurnal, live in small family groups, and are distinctively patterned, being among some of the most beautiful primates in the animal kingdom. They are threatened by destruction of habitat, and being hunted for their meat. All species of sifaka (bar two) are Endangered or Critically Endangered.