Spotted Hyena

Spotted Hyena – Endings

Spotted Hyena illustrated by Ravenari


The healing power of laughter, seeking to find many ways to communicate with others, sharing your knowledge freely, endings, the end of a difficult or positive period, trusting your instincts, trickster energy, an ability to hurt with words, watch what you say, attracting people like you, being very adept at groupwork and collaborative projects.

General Description:

The spotted hyena is so famous for its cackling and whooping vocalisations that it is also commonly known as the laughing hyena. Spotted hyena are large, carnivorous mammals found in Africa. Females produce more testosterone than the males, and packs are female dominated; with the female of the species being larger, more aggressive, and having a pseudopenis which makes giving birth difficult.

Spotted hyena are primarily scavengers, having many adaptive biological and behavioural characteristics that help with this. They are able to gorge on a great deal of meat at once to take advantage of large kills. Spotted hyena, when contrasted with other hyena and predators, are extremely intelligent, able to use mutual problem solving to secure food rewards. They use sophisticated methods of communication; from complex body poses and displays, to a wide array of vocalisations, including the loud whoops, giggles and laughter for which they are characterised.