Sunda Flying Lemur (Colugo)

Sunda Flying Lemur (Colugo) – Grace and Awareness

Sunda Flying Lemur illustrated by Ravenari

Keywords/Guide Meanings:

Soaring through life, getting perspective, seeing exactly what you want and knowing how to get it, evoking a sense of safety and protection, grace and awkwardness, looking at problems from all directions, multiple perspectives

General Description:

The Sunda flying lemur, or colugo, is not actually a lemur, nor does it fly. Instead it is one of two species belonging to the family Cynocephalidae, found in rainforests of South-East Asia. They are extremely competent at gliding, being able to glide for more than 70 metres at a time; they make up for this proficiency by being awkward climbers. They have excellent binocular vision to assist with take-offs and landings, as well as locating food. Interestingly, they are mammals with marsupial-like adaptations. The young are born very small, and spend the first six months of life clinging to the mother, as she curls her tail into a faux-pouch, for sustenance.