Tree Kangaroo

Tree Kangaroo – Rainforest Sentinel

Grizzled Tree Kangaroo illustration by Ravenari


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There are approximately 14 species of tree-kangaroo, which are marsupials that are adapted to live up in the trees, predominantly in tropical rainforests at mainly high altitudes in New Guinea, Australia, and some nearby islands. They spend their lives in tree canopies, adapted to running and jumping between trees. They are clumsy and slow on the ground. Tree-kangaroos nave a spongy grip on their paws and feet that help them grip branches, and a larger tail for balance.

Like all kangaroos, tree-kangaroos cannot sweat, and lick their bodies to cool themselves. Tree-kangaroos only give birth to one joey a year, and breed during monsoon season. They primarily eat leaves and fruit, as well as grains, nuts, sap, and bark. Tree-kangaroos are predated upon by pythons, and by feral predators (cats, dogs etc.) in Australia. Tree-kangaroos are threatened due to habitat loss and hunting.