White Stag

White Stag – The Thrill of Pursuit

White Stag illustrated by Ravenari


Hunter and hunted, adventure, the thrill of pursuit, the chase, being in it for the chase, eluding capture by those who would hurt you, natural coyness, supporting hunting values that respect the animal and its skills, being pure of intention, otherworldly messenger, a gift from the spirit, surrender to the spirit, trust in nature.

General Description:

The white stag tends to specifically refer to leucistic (but not albino) variations of the red deer throughout Europe. They were heavily represented in mythology as being messengers from the otherworlds, and connected to divine lore and hunts.

The white stag was a symbol for hunters not so much as a quarry to be caught, but as an animal to draw hunters to new places, to see new sights, and to stir strong feelings of adventure and lust for life. Their white colour indicates purity and a connection to divinity. It was said that the mythical white stag had an almost miraculous ability to evade capture.