Wolverine – Great Ferocity

Wolverine illustrated by Ravenari


Great ferocity, terrible strength, gluttony, a passionate orientation to all things (whether healthy or unhealthy), determination, stubbornness, wildness, remarkable strength, willpower and an ability to execute all projects, even to one’s own folly, harassment, repelling others, delaying personal development and growth as necessary, powerful spirits surround you, opportunism.

General Description:

The wolverine is the largest mustelid (member of the weasel family) and has been known by varying common names, such as glutton and carcajou, among others. They are found in tundra and boreal forests throughout the Northern hemisphere. They are known for their stockiness, muscular strength, strong bite, and a ferocity that enables them to take down prey many times their size. They are opportunistic carnivores, though they will eat some plant matter. They have frost-resistant, thick fur that has been desirable in hunting for some time. They are territorial, and mark their territory with scent glands that release a pungent and unpleasant odour.